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The Group Behind the Scenes... The Friends of Linden Hill

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." –– Margaret Mead

Linden Hill is owned by the City of Little Falls and governed by a group of dedicated volunteers. This group is known as The Friends of Linden Hill, Inc. The non-profit group was created in 2007 to preserve and protect the living and structural history, as well as the spirit of the Musser and Weyerhaeuser homes. They work to showcase the houses and their history now and for the future.

Funds raised by the group are used to help educate our community, guests and visitors, as well as preserve, and restore these historic homes and their heritage for the enjoyment of current and future generations. The Friends of Linden Hill cultivate funds via memberships, contributions, fundraising events, and rental of the grounds and homes for group events.

In the end, your patronage to Linden Hill is support for the group and a big part of what helps preserve the estate.

Customer Testimonials

"We had an unforgettable wedding experience. We were able to spend the entire weekend with immediate family and the wedding party before the actual wedding. Everyone loved the grounds and mansion. It was so nice living in a piece of history. Gorgeous venue, gorgeous wedding, amazing time."

Jeremy Wollersheim

"This place is breathtaking! Our wedding was here last weekend and it was absolutely perfect. The grounds held endless opportunities for pictures and the mansion left my guests speechless! The staff was so friendly and easy to work with as well. I wish we could relive that weekend again!!"

Emilee C.

"This place is beautiful! We stayed there overnight for my sister in laws wedding. I loved learning about the history of the two houses when we took the tour of the green house! Everyone was so knowledgeable and friendly! This was a truely unique experience and I will never forget it!"

Laura L.

"Linden Hill Mansion was a beautiful place to host our wedding. We had the ceremony and the reception in the same place – which was great because we had a lot of out of town visitors. We were able to stay in the white mansion for the weekend which made for a fun and beautiful wedding weekend! [There's] lots of local vendors to choose from to support you wedding, and a summer wedding in Minnesota? Beautiful! This place is great for a vintage wedding."

Leanne J.

"I love this place. It truly is a step back into our history with all of the original furnishings and more. If you have a chance stop in and view the "Christmas at the Mansions" well worth your while. I wouldn't miss it!!"/p>

Carol M.